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Meet the Protege Tracker of Your Biking Perfomance

Amazon ImagePart of the Protege Series, Planet Bike 8 is great for training, touring and keeping track of the miles you’ve cycled. Equipped with 8 functions that gives you your basic data regarding your performance, it’s definitely a great way to keep track of your progress and development as well as come up with ways to improve your training.


The Planet Bike Protege 8.0 8-Function Bike Computer comes in eight functions namely — Current Speed, Speed Comparator, Ride Time, Trip Distance, Dual Odometer for two wheel sizes, Average Speed, Maximum Speed and a Clock —- to give you the necessary data you need to keep track of your biking progress and development that will serve as your basis to improve your training. With a display of easy-to-read four lines in a macromonitor LCD, it can provide up to five pieces of data in one glance. For changing modes, the computer serves as the button so all you have to do is push the computer forward in the spring loaded bracket. To help conserve your batteries, this device features an auto start and stop as well as an LCD shut off. Built with a heavy duty, oversized wire harness and an ultrasonically welded case, this unit is ensured to be durable and weatherproof.

Product Feedback

The PROs:

  • The best in quality, reliability and durability.
  • No problems with installation and directions were easy to follow.
  • The screen is clear and easy to read. Also easy to operate while riding.
  • Displays all the data you need at a glance without having to mess with buttons while riding.
  • Odometer is extremely accurate.
  • The 4 line display shows up to 5 different read outs. This is preferable to having to keep pressing a button to cycle through all of the various read outs.
  • The mount is pretty good too – it comes with three different sized rubber shims so you should be able to get it to fit pretty much any handlebar width.
  • It survived rough trail riding, heavy rainfall and cold weather with ease.

The CONs:

  • Did not work for some users.
  • Complaints of the item falling off if you hit a bump or grate on the road.
  • If you push it to scroll through the screens and hold it just a little too long, it resets everything.
  • The function button (used to reset trip meters or switch the 4th display line between clock, averages, etc.) is integrated into the housing such that you push the entire casing forward to activate it.

Who Should Use this Product

If you are looking for a low cost, easy-to-read bike computer with just the basic functions needed to give you the data you need to monitor your bike performance and improve your training, then the Planet Bike Protege 8.0 8-Function Bike Computer would work well for you.


The positive comments of this computer bike are more in number compared to the complaints. So most likely, if you buy this product, you’ll be happy with it too. As for its negative comments, they are mostly manageable and you can improvise ways to prevent them from happening like for the review that said it keeps falling off if you hit  a bump or grate on the road, you can find a way to put it more securely on your bike or if it resets everything if you hold a little too long, refrain from doing so because in some computer bikes, this isn’t a glitch. It’s actually made to work that way.

Sharing Your Biking Performance to the World at Real Time

Amazon ImageMade especially for the competitive cyclist who wants the most accurate and comprehensive data, the touch screen Edge 510 comes with connected features through your smartphone which includes live tracking as well as weather and social media sharing. Be it that you’re training, racing or touring, this device can track the details of your performance and view it after on a map at Garmin Connect. For faster satellite acquisition and improved signal lock, it’s compatible with GPS and GLONASS satellites. Suited for the most challenging conditions, you can bike with it even through canyons.


The Garmin Edge 510 GPS Bike Computer with HMR and GSC 10 Speed/Cadence Sensor records your distance, speed metrics, ascent/descent, grade and much more. With ANT+ compatible sensors that measures your heart rate, speed/cadence and power, you can take your training to a higher level. Its activity profiles allows for customization of data fields and device settings on cycling activity. You can switch profiles with a swipe of the touch screen and your device will be set up to show what data you need for that ride. Upon completing it, the Edge 510 will display new personal records you have achieved such as farthest distance, most ascent and the like.

Connect and share your riding experience with friends, family and social media contacts. When paired with your smartphone and the Garmin Connect Mobile application, the Edge 510 gets equipped with an array of connected features; thereby, allowing you to gain comprehensive and accurate data from a dedicated device, while saving your phone battery. It then tracks the data, sending it to your phone via Blutooth connection so you can immediately post an update the details of your ride or race.

What’s more, its live tracking feature allows family and friends to follow your races and training updates in real time. You can even invite followers using email or social media so they can view your live data on the Garmin Connect tracking page. Upon receipt of your email invite, all they need to do is click to follow and viola, they can access your stats and location on the map. You can store, share and analyze every detail of your ride too as the Garmin Connect Mobile app allows for wireless uploads of completed activities from your device as soon as you finish recording an activity.

Product Reviews

The Affirmatives:

  • Easy to set up, easy to use and amazingly accurate.
  • Uploading to Garmin Connect is easy and will give you all the info you could possibly ever imagine.
  • It finds satellite inside the house so no more waiting outside for accuracy.
  • The bluetooth connectivity works well and has long battery life.
  • The heart monitor that came with it connects as soon as you turn the 510 on.
  • The heart rate monitor and speed/cadence sensor are always recognized.
  • The virtual competitor is great for gauging performance against yourself.
  • It can do different workout profiles that you can customize easily.
  • It bridges the gap between doing workouts and seeing results. The Garmin Connect website shows your workouts with individual data fields tracked for each workout.

The Negatives

  • Given that this is marketed as a tool for serious cyclists, it is a significant problem to lose sensor data midway through a ride.
  • Screen is not as easy to read as the 500, often leaving you wanting the backlight, but this unit will only last about 6 hours with backlight running.
  • The display can be read only in the very brightest sunlight and then again only if it is overhead.
  • Every time there is a notification, the whole screen dims and you must physically touch the unit to dismiss it.
  • Has the tendency to drop the heart rate and cadence sensors mid-ride. The only way to reconnect the sensors is to reboot the device, which means your ride is now saved as multiple activities.
  • Switching between screens is very laggy.
  • Doesn’t record power properly.

Who Should Use this Product?

If you’re one cyclist who wants to monitor your performance and fond of sharing your riding activities to family and friends via social media, the Garmin Edge 510 GPS Bike Computer with HMR and GSC 10 Speed/Cadence Sensor is definitely for you. With its exceptional connectivity power, you’re updating your audience real time info at that.


Thanks to connectivity devices and social media, the world has become a smaller place. It’s now easy to keep track of one’s daily activities even if you don’t see him or her physically. Such is the capability of the Edge 510. It just doesn’t stop at recording your biking data, it goes the extra step in allowing you to share your cycling information to family and friends, real time. So how cool is that?


Cateye Micro Wireless Cycling Computer: The Simpler, The Better!

Amazon ImageForget about scrolling through functions as with the CatEye Micro Wireless Bicycle Computer CC-MC200W, you can customize your display and view it on a larger, LED backlit screen. Featuring a slim body, it comes in 9 functions which comprise of the necessary data you need to monitor your biking progress and performance.


This bike computer device features nine functions to give you accurate information on your current speed, maximum speed, average speed, odometer, trip distance 1 and 2, elapsed time, stopwatch and clock. With its customizable display, you can select the function you want to see on top or bottom row of screen. On the bottom screen, you can hide the data you don’t need to see. With a larger, LED backlit screen, you can easily read your data and with a stopwatch in auto mode, you will know the total time and can record the time for a specific distance or training.

Point by Point

The Good Points:

  • Set up was easy, good readability and enough options for what you basically need.
  • Numbers are readable. Speed is shown in 0.1 increments, distance in 0.01 increments, both updated instantly.
  • Easy to read display even in bright sunlight.
  • You can personalize the display.
  • While spinning you can cycle thru the lower display by lightly pressing down on the unit – avg & max speed, distance
    1 & 2, time cycling, stop watch.
  • Accurate readouts.
  • The Cateye seems very resistant to shock.
  • Easy to remove from the bike.
  • Small footprint and battery lasts a long time.
  • Riding is more fun when you have good data to monitor yourself with.

The Bad Points:

  • Initializing the computer was difficult. The instructions are confusing and vastly inadequate.
  • Sensing magnet and sending device must be up high on the fork or it flips out on max speed above 25 mph.
  • Unable to prevent stop watch activation.
  • The SSE (small rubbery nub control) button is very hard to use and must be depressed fully.
  • It was impossible to mount the sensor within the 5mm requirement of the magnet.
  • Poorly written instruction sheet.

Who Should Use this Product?

If you are the type who wants to monitor your riding capabilities with just the basics of the data you need, then theCatEye Micro Wireless Bicycle Computer CC-MC200W is definitely for you. With no other data given that you may find useless or unnecessary at all, it’s a pretty straightforward device that’s simple and easy to use. If you’re also into customizing, you would get a kick out of this unit because you can complete personalize its display too.


The simpler, the better… so the saying goes and this product is proof that indeed, that saying is true. While other models boast of their newly innovated features, there are times when having so many new add-ons can make a device quite complicated and susceptible to sudden non-workability. Sometimes, the older ways work best and that’s the simpler the device, the better in terms of easy usability and functionality.

A Dependable Partner in Keeping Track of Your Performance

Amazon ImageThe Schwinn brand has been a trusted name in the bicycle industry for over one hundred years; hence, it has been proven and tested that their products do work. This bike computer the brand has come up with may be on the inexpensive side but don’t let that low price fool you for its qualities tell otherwise. As the reviews said, it does exactly what it promises to do proving once again that you can’t go wrong with a trusted name.


As it mounts directly to your bike frame, this PTI Schwinn 12 Function Computer gives you a clear view of all speed and distance measurements. Simply attach it to your bike or hold it on the attached cord and presto! You can get data on your speed, average speed, maximum speed, trip distance, odometer readings, total distance and ride time. Because it’s a proven fact that you can hardly push buttons while biking, this unit comes with only one button control panel so you get the right information while still good and upright on the bike. Furthermore, with a no friction and no contact design, it measures the amount of wheel turns to provide an accurate calculation with no need to touch or interfere with the wheel.

What Are the People’s Takes on this Product?

The Good Takes:

  • This little computer is easy to install, accurate, reliable and easy to use.
  • The display shows your speed in large letters and has a selectable smaller readout for whatever function you choose.
  • It tells you whether you’re speeding up or down, and whether you are currently above or below your average speed.
  • It’s featherweight, easy to read, auto on/off (really important) and has a nice scan feature where it will cycle through the various functions continuously.
  • Easy to compare your performance.
  • It may be an inexpensive product, but they keep track of a lot of information.
  • The unit powers itself off after five minutes of inactivity to save the battery.
  • It can be removed from the mount on the handlebars for storage when not in use.

The Bad Takes:

  • The item is difficult to change settings when riding, so that made it less user friendly.
  • Complaints about having difficulty setting up and calibrating the product.
  • Has the tendency to reset itself so it can be difficult to keep a mileage history.
  • Blacks out in bad weather — when it’s too hot or when it rains.
  • The product did not work for some or malfunctioned even when not used much yet.

To Whom this Product Suits Best

If you’re in for a good product that tells you the basic data that you need while cycling such as time, speed and distance, this device would do you good. Easy to install and easy to use, it’s an overall great product to help keep track of your biking performance.


It doesn’t get any better with the PTI Schwinn 12 Function Computer. Aside from supplying you with accurate and reliable data that you would need to monitor how well and fast you biked, it’s an easy to install, easy to use device that comes at a very economical price. For something that may seem too low cost though, this product delivers, doing exactly what it promises to do. That said, go ahead and buy one!


Flexibility in What You Track on Your Ride

Amazon ImageIf you’re particular with the data you get from your bike computer and particularly dislike having too much information, then the Garmin Edge 500 Red GPS Super Cycling Computer Heart Rate Monitor Premium Bundle is your best bet. It feeds you data you need to make your training analysis minus the overwhelming numbers which can be confusing. With a size that’s just fit enough to give you plenty of information but can be kept in check, it serves as a great stand-alone bike computer that gives you room for flexibility in terms of what you track on your ride.


Featured with three fully-customizable ride screens. each holds up to eight lines of data. As the unit comes, you can opt for times, temperature, altitude, gradient, speed, cadence and whatever combination you wish to have in terms of averaging. Although GPS-enabled, the Edge 500 doesn’t come with mapping capabilities so there is no map or dictation of route; however, it does map your coordinates to enable you to see the ride after you’re done with it.

Also inclusive of this package are Garmin’s Wireless Cadence Sensor and Premium Heart-Rate Monitor. The ‘premium’ refers to the strap on this particular heart rate monitor, which is soft, comfortable and has no chances of getting stuffed in your jersey pocket mid-ride because you just can’t take it anymore. For the Cadence Sensor, it’s self-calibrating so you just attach it to your bike and you’re good to go. The unit likewise works with Garmin’s own Garmin Training Center program.

Product Reviews

The Good:

  • High quality product with an excellent computer interface and program.
  • It’s easy to set up and to use, providing all the metrics you want in an easy to use format.
  • This device will provide you with more feedback than you can possibly want or need. The reports and tracking are exceptional.
  • The screens are customizable and you can set the number of things you want them to display while you are riding.
  • You can easily track all your favorite stats during and after a ride to adjust your training accordingly.
  • Their Garmin Connect software is very thorough and you will get all the information that you need out of it and if you have a power hub with ANT+ you can get an accurate description of your power output as well.
  • The GPS is easy to remove from your bike.

The Bad:

  • It doesn’t actively display a map or your location.
  • The device has only 4 buttons which are a bit tough to press sometimes and take a while to navigate and set up.
  • The GPS takes a bit of time to find satellites specially on cloudy days.
  • It’s hard to read the screen when there is bright sunlight.
  • It takes time to adjust to significant changes in temperature.

Who Should Use this Product?

The Garmin Edge 500 Red GPS Super Cycling Computer Heart Rate Monitor Premium Bundle is recommend for serious enthusiasts who ride at least a few times a week and enter a few races for fun. It’s also good for a training cyclist as it provides a lot of information to improve your performance. Moreover, this unit is good for a rider who wants it all without the bulk of the maps unit.


This computer bike is regarded as a good unit that came highly recommendable because it’s user-friendly and does reports and tracking exceptionally well, which in turn, enables you to improve your training and performance better because you can review them via Gamin Connect or Strata. If you’re one serious training cyclist or wants to enter a few races every now and then, going for this product would be helpful.



Having an Edge with the First Touchscreen GPS Bike Computer

Amazon ImageThe first touchscreen GPS bike computer, the Edge 800′s specialty is providing navigation and performance monitoring making it ideal for commuting, touring, competitive cycling and mountain biking. It comes with a built-in base map to track your distance, speed, location as well as ascent and descent. If you use it with an ANT+ heart monitor, speed or cadence sensor or compatible power meter, you’re all set to have a finely tuned analysis of your ride.


The Garmin Edge 800 GPS-Enabled Cycling Computer is sensitive enough to respond with just a tap of your hand to switch pages or pan and zoom on a map — even when you’re wearing your gloves. Yet, it’s also built for a tough ride to withstand possible knocks and scrapes it might get when you’re mountain biking in a rough terrain. Waterproof, it also comes bright, sunlight-readable display is easy to view no matter what the lighting condition.
As it comes with built-in base map showing major roads and cities, journeys with the Edge 800 is definitely easier and more fun. Just select a destination and let this computer provide you a turn-by-turn navigation prompts on the screen. It can also guide you along routes recorded by other cyclists by exploring the Garmin Connect site where you can choose from millions of rides uploaded by other users. You also have the option to use Garmin’s free Base Camp software to create a route, view elevation changes and other data and upload it to Edge.
With its high-sensitivity GPS receiver that stays locked on even when you’re under a tree, the Edge 800 can record your every move. Featuring a HotFix satellite prediction, it can calculate your prediction faster. Plus, it comes with an automatic time zone adjustment. Not only does this computer bike track data from your ride, it even lets you customize up to three training pages to enable you to see as much or as little data as you desire. With the barometric altimeter, you are given extra-precise climb and descent data as well as records of temperature changes.

The Two Sides of the Story

Side A (+):

  • The basic data are very accurate and data fields are easy to read while riding, as long as you do not cram too many fields into a single page.
  • The screen is easy to read, even in direct sunlight and lights up automatically when it gets dark.
  • The touch-screen is excellent, renderings load quickly and can easily be operated with sweaty fingers and even with gloves on.
  • The maps are accurate and easy to read.
  • Workout alerts work well to maintain stable heart rate or cadence.
  • The flexibility and amount of available information are all anyone could ask for to analyze their rides or workouts.
  • GPS works in car and buses.
  • The functionality is excellent and the usability and movement between screens is easy.
  • Interface with the Garmin site for uploading and downloading data is very functional.

Side B (-):

  • The user guide file that comes loaded onto the device is incomplete.
  • The unit is full of software issues and has a nasty habit of dying for no apparent reason.
  • The unit will accurately track your ride but the speed/cadence sensor is unreliable.
  • It ignores preferences for avoiding highways and regularly tries to direct you down car-only roads.
  • No wireless syncing of routes / rides / importing maps from web.
  • Unable to wirelessly import maps from other Garmin units like previous generations could do.

To Whom this Product is Ideal For

If you’re a performance cyclist, to know how hard you’re working or training, pair it with a third party ANT+ enabled power meter to display your power output in watts as you ride. This way, you have an idea of your progress and know how you can train smarter. To review, replay or share your ride, you can upload it to Garmin connect for a free data analysis and sharing.


Being the first touch screen GPS bike computer with all its built-in features, there’s no denying that the Garmin Edge 800 GPS-Enabled Cycling Computer is high tech and innovative among its class. It’s no wonder why it follows that this unit is also on the costly side. It does have more positive reviews compared to complaints though so if you have the extra budget, then by all means, go for this unit. If you don’t have that kind of luxury, there are other more economical bike computers that may not have all high tech features as this one has but works great and does the job it’s made to do all the same.


A Handy Partner for the Data and Gadget-Driven Biker

Amazon ImageThe Planet Bike Protege 9.0 9-Function Bike Computer has multiple uses that fits any bike enthusiast whether training for a race, using a stationary bike for fitness, mileage monitoring or basic commuting. Easy to operate, it is a handy gadget for anyone who is data driven as it allows you to keep track of your progress and improvement. Small enough to fit your handle bars but large enough to be seen on one easy-to-read screen, it provides all the information you need in its sleek and elegant form.


Featuring a “buttonless” design allowing for a large Macromonitor LCD screen where your information is displayed in four lines on one very readable page, this bike computer provides up to five pieces of data at once without even the need to press a button. If you wish to switch displays, a simple tap on the compute is all you have to do; thereby, making it easy when you’re cycling even with your gloves on. A longer tap, on the other hand, resets the data. The 9 functions in this gadget are current speed, speed comparator, ride time, trip distance, dual odometer (for two wheel sizes), average speed, maximum speed, clock, and temperature for up to two different bikes.

The computer automatically starts as soon as you move your bike. Mileage and time stop recording when you stop and auto restarts when you begin moving again; hence, there is an accurate reading of your time and distance even if you stop numerous times. Consequently, it’s easy for you to record and track your trip information.

As it comes with two bike capability, you can set the wheel circumference for two different wheel sizes so you can preset the odometer readings for both. There is a single button at the back of the computer that enables you to toggle between bikes. The computer itself is also removable from its holder so it’s easy to switch between bikes. Note though that an additional wire or sensor harness is needed so you can use the computer on two different bikes.

The People’s Say Regarding this Product

The Yays:

  • The “buttonless” design works well and allows a large display with most everything you’ll need on a large easy-to-read screen.
  • Most desired information are on a single screen so you rarely switch between displays while riding.
  • Easy to change functions without having to press a button.
  • Easy to install, simple to use and well made with a sturdy cable.
  • A really nice feature is that the trip timer stops when you’re speed goes to 0.0 so you know your actual ride time.
  • Auto start for recording ride and easy to reset counters.
  • Bike magnet is much stronger.
  • Supports 2 bikes or wheel sizes and has separate odometer for each.
  • The computer can be easily popped out form the cradle any time you leave the bike.

The Nays:

  • Font smaller since everything is on the same screen.
  • Thermometer only reads correctly in the shade. It goes bonkers when in direct sunlight.
  • Some complaints about the unit not working when it rains. There are some though who didn’t encounter this problem.
  • To switch between screens you press the unit from the bottom, but if held for a second, this zeros out the current ride data.
  • By the time you have to change the second or third battery, the soft rubber buttons used for setup may no longer work.
  • All of your information will be deleted when you swap out the battery.

Who Should Have this Product?

If you are fond of biking and quite particular with your progress and data as well as gadget driven, you would enjoy this bike computer. This is a good means to keep track of your your speed, distance and improvement as you build your strength.


The Planet Bike Protege 9.0 9-Function Bike Computer wins in raves garnering a total of 106 5-star ratings over 11 1-star ratings. Highly recommended by its happy users, it’s also a product of great value for the price. With such positive reviews and good points, we can safely say that buying this product would be a wise purchase.

Keeping Everything on Track with the CatEye Urban

Amazon ImageWhether your aim for biking is to lose some calories or just for fit maintenance, it’s cool to have a computer bicycle that keeps the basic information you need on track. Good thing the innovative CatEye Urban performs your 9 basic functions to give you just that – Current, Average & Maximum speed – Trip Distance – Odometer – Elapsed Time – Clock – Calorie Consumption – Carbon Offset.


The CatEye Urban Wireless Bicycle Computer CC-VT220W is the simplified version of the wireless bicycle computer. With its featured nine functions and large size of font, you’ll be sure to keep accurate track of every detail of your ride. Aside from the basic ride data, it also comes with information on carbon offset and calorie consumption to have better impact on the environment for the former and to have better weight management for the latter.

The Two Sides of the Coin

Heads (+):

  • Well-designed: relatively big, easy to read and simple to use.
  • Easy to install as the directions explain each step with a picture of what to do, making it very easy to understand.
  • No problems with erratic transmission. Starts as soon as the wheel turns.
  • Nice that the unit just pops off the handle bar mounting bracket when the bike is locked somewhere.
  • Does all your basic functions: you get your mileage, average for the ride, top speed, carbon offset, calories burned, elapsed time and clock and total mileage.
  • It’s great that with one press of the front button, you can switch to a different read out.
  • The distances calculated and speeds calculated are pretty accurate.

Tails (-):

  • Strap snaps once tightened. The plastic used doesn’t flex enough.
  • The odometer resets to zero when you reach 1000 miles.
  • At some signals, when you press the button for pedestrians to cross the street, the computer goes haywire.
  • The connection to mount the monitor to the handle bars or stem to the handle bars is limited in outer dimension.
  • If you go to the hills, the carbon offset and calories consumption won’t be accurate.

Who Should Use this Product

CatEye Urban Wireless Bicycle Computer CC-VT220W is definitely the best choice for a biker whose aim is to monitor not just the miles he covers but the calories he burned as well. If you’re also conscious of the environment, this bike would do you good because it comes with its offset carbon feature.


This bike computer has undeniably garnered a good number of positive comments and high ratings from people who have tried it and are happy with its performance. Simple and easy to use, chances are, you would find this product good and useful for your biking too.

Seeing how Far and Fast You Ride with the Edge 200

Amazon ImageA bike computer that’s GPS enabled and has the ability to track time, distance, speed, location and even burned calories is as good as it gets. Ideal for training, touring rides or any adventure you pedal your feet into, the Garmin Edge 200 GPS-Enabled Bike Computer is all about riding with all the complete data you need in tow.


Sleek and lightweight, this user-friendly bicycle computer doesn’t require any tedious set up. Just place on the bike mount and presto, you’re good to pedal away. You can even use it on multiple bikes. With a high sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix satellite prediction, it can calculate your position faster. So, if you’re outdoors, it finds satellites quickly so you can continue with your ride. With an Auto Pause feature, the timer stops when you’re not moving and re-starts automatically when you’re set to ride again.

Of course, seeing how far and fast you rode is always useful and helpful. Knowing this data serves as your motivation and inspiration to keep going. That’s why the Germin Edge 200 can store up to 130 hours of ride data and sorts your activities so you can quickly look up for the fastest, longest or last ride.

Product Feedback

The PROs:

  • Recommend product for anyone who likes to record their ride information, compile it, and analyze the data.
  • Small form factor with a very legible screen.
  • Nice Pause features – Elapsed time stops if you get hung up at a light for 5 minutes waiting for a car to pull up and trip the sensor.
  • If you want the rest of the information on the ride, you can find it in the history.
  • Simple and robust mounting system. It’s secure and easy to use. It comes with two mounts so it’s easy to move between bikes.
  • No complicated set-up. No magnets or wires to deal with.
  • The 200 is a small unit but the screen is clear and sharp but there’s no trouble reading the data when attached to the stem post of the handles.
  • Good battery life.
  • Best feature is the download to Garmin connect where you can quickly and easily view your ride metrics.
  • Good motivator -  You’ll find yourself riding harder to beat your previous times and speeds.

The CONs:

  • Only a few features for the price.
  • The GPS side works great but it’s off with speed and distance. It shows a slower speed but a longer distance.
  • It doesn’t have street mapping. It will sometimes lose touch with the satellites on a path with a canopy of trees.
  • Struggle with dashboard on online. Instructions are not clear enough on how you can connect to other cyclists in your area.

To Whom this Product is Ideal For

This techy and full featured bicycle computer is best for all bikers who are closely recording their improvement or for people who are exercising to stay fit or cut down on weight as advised by their doctor. It shows your speed relative to your past performance, along with an indication of how far ahead or behind you are. A really innovative feature is also included wherein you can download rides from other Garmin Connect users for a virtual competition.


With all its innovative features, Garmin Edge 200 GPS-Enabled Bike Computer has definitely stepped up to what is the usual. And this is even made more concrete with its high ratings and positive reviews from its happy users. Yes, there are negative reviews but it’s very minimal. Albeit a bit pricey, it’s still worth your while if you would think of the advantages you would get if you would buy this product.

Easy Speed and Monitoring with this CatEye Strada

Amazon ImageAre you closely monitoring the progress of your biking ability? Do you keep record of your previous speed to your current? Then you’ve got to have a perfect bicycle computer to do all the calculating you need while you pedal away… much like the CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer CC-RD300W. With seven modes to enable you to switch modes simply and quickly by just pressing the bottom of the computer face, it’s so easy to manipulate even if you’re taking a rough terrain.


Thanks to this bicycle computer, you can now easily monitor your speed and distance with just a single click. This high tech bicycle computer is sleek and powerful minus the wires since it is capable of wireless transmission. Its pride is its large screen and numbers wherein your selected mode displays at the bottom of the screen, while your current speed appears at the top, in big numbers that’s easy to read. Likewise, its up and down arrow tells how your current speed compares to your average speed. Quick to install and easily attachable to any model handlebar and any model stem, it comes with a universal speed sensor and magnet.

Point by Point

The Good Points

  • Very easy installation – the  magnet attaches to a spoke on the front tire by simply twisting a tightening screw.
  • The directions are easy to follow and understand and actual setup was a snap.
  • Easy to navigate while riding (one touch scrolling) and highly visible.
  • Very easy to use, you can actually use the entire computer with one finger.
  • Waterproof!
  • The fork mounted sensor attaches very solidly and the cradle for the computer itself is very well engineered and also mounts firmly to the handlebar.
  • It has a nice big readout for MPH and the various readout options are easy to see at the bottom of the screen.
  • The jet black finish and slim design are sleek, plus larger display characters make it easier to see.
  • Though very compact, important data is very readable on the face of the unit.
  • Extremely easy to change viewing modes with the tip feature.

The Bad Points:

  • The unit can come out of its holder fairly easily.
  • The trip meter resets itself randomly to zero, especially if you stop or walk the bike.
  • A two second touch on the top resets the trip. This happens inadvertently on rides so you loose your current trip stats.
  • Complaints of the item not working after installation.
  • When the battery dies, you are going to have to spend $23 to buy a special tool to take the back cover off of this unit. Standard screwdrivers don’t work.

To Whom this Product is Ideal For

This sleek and stylish design of a bicycle computer fits best for young bike enthusiasts. It is fully equipped with all the necessary functions but free from the topsy-turvy wire connections. It also fits people who are exercising to stay fit or to cut back on weight to avoid complications of a certain condition as usually advised by the doctor. As it’s easy to read because of the large characters, this would be ideal for the older age bracket too.


Every good review consists of the item’s product details including its positive and negative aspects. This balances the details provided in a review and are important in helping the consumer decide which is best. With this bicycle computer, the positive reviews are a total of 218 for the 5-star versus 26 for the 1-star. A vast difference indeed. So vast, that it’s safe for us to conclude that this CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer CC-RD300W is a good and worthy purchase.